How To Send Bulk Emails Without Getting Blocked?

Bulk-EmailOne of the most significant and really admired, marketing tool for small to large organizations is mass email sending software. When utilized accurately, the email can be a great approach to be connected with your existing customers as well as to connect new customers. But, the main problem most of the marketers face in mass email sending is that there is a risk of your emails getting blocked by spam filters.

Assuming that you are creating an email campaign via bulk email sending software tool, first you have to be familiar with the term ‘spam filter’. Since there are no predefined set of rules that all anti-spam agencies adhere to, you will find that spam filters vary in the manner to block any emails. Some of them filter all types of spam while others filter just the most common type of spam messages. Moving beyond these filters, take a look to below given tips you can utilize to succeed.

1.   Take A Review Of Your Email Content

It is advantageous to a take a look at your email content and coding. Since some scammers comprise concealed HTML or other hidden codes or script that the recipients can’t see in e-mail, numerous email filters are currently situated up to inspect the html code of a message too. You might as well hire someone who is capable to either create a neat and clean email you can utilize, or to review the code to guarantee there are no issues.

Apart from it, examine the actual email content you are incorporating in your message. If you are incorporating unique offers, bargains, and discounts that isn’t excessively helpful, there is a high risk that recipients will mark the e-mail as spam, resulting to be blocked by them for further communication.

2.   Identify The Common Spamming Words

In an attempt to eliminate spam, numerous email service providers scan the title or subject of your email to identify spam words. If the email contains these spammy words, probably it will be blocked. The downside about this is to find out which words will pass through the filter and which can cause an email to be blocked.

In general, solid counsel is to escape platitude, and words that are associated with bargains situated talk e.g., free, cheap, and no charges. Avoid uncommon characters, for instance “$” and “!” in the title, as numerous spammers utilize these to attempt to get the consideration of the viewer.

 3.   Examine Your Subscriber Records

In order to boost the open rate of your email campaign, keep your email list fresh and clean by eliminating fake or incorrect email addresses on a regular basis. Investigate message addresses that have been erased, or clients who no more use that addresses. By evaluating your subscriber record, you can increase the chance that getting better open rate for your email campaign.

 4.   Test Your Email Before Sending

Testing the email before sending it out to customers will help you to ensure that your email will pass through spam filters. The most ideal approach to test e-mail is to search for a spam testing solution. They allow you to test email by sending it to various people and services, before the actual sending of your email.

You can test email yourself on different web browsers. The email shown through One Internet browser could vary on different browser e.g., content could be greater or less, or email may not stretch to fit screen size. If the email looks abnormal to the viewer, there is a high risk that it won’t be perused and may be hailed as spam rather.

 5.   Must Follow Verification Processes

As you might possibly know, there are verification processes that clients who send mass emails must follow. These different processes basically let the distinctive email services realize that you are a genuine email sender and not a spammer.

A large number of the big email service providers have set basic rules for bulk e-mail senders, so attempt searching on the Internet for the distinctive guidelines. A portion of the more general necessities could include:

•        The email must be sent from the same IP and address.

•        Should use the same name, email address and information in every bulk email.

•        Ensuring that your email address and DNS points to your company and are right.

Obviously, this can require some specialization and knowledge of how the whole bulk email works, so one choice is to hire email marketing company that can set up your mailing server and manage your all mailing tasks.


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