Generate Greater Revenue through Trigger Based Email Marketing Campaign

Triggered Based Email Marketing CampaignTrigger based email campaigns increase CTR (click through rate) and helps business owners to drive better ROI. Additionally, it saves lots of time since the trigger system is set to immediately send emails based on a particular event or action made by a customer.

In this post, we will explore different aspects of triggered email marketing campaign. So let’s take a look……. 

What Is Triggered Email Marketing Campaign?

Email campaigns are usually a one-to-many email delivery tactic utilized for marketing of any business, service or product. Triggered emails are different from normal email campaigns, as they are a type of emails that automatically delivered to customers based on an action performed by them.

A main advantage of triggered e-mail campaign is that once it created, it doesn’t require extra effort to continue as email campaign management software does all the further things. Really, it is a perfect approach to stay in contact with potential customers consistently.

Why Are Trigger Based Emails Essential?

Triggered emails usually have a higher engaging rate than other standard emails as they are greatly relevant to the customers.

Triggered emails give open-rates about 60% higher than standard emails, and normally have a CTR over 130% higher. Apart from having a better success rate,  triggered e-mails permit you attain a high conversion rate, providing you the chance to connect people, knowing their past connections with you, with additional data like relevant up-selling and cross-selling.

Now, look at a few examples different types of triggered emails

1. Welcome Email

Cases: Registration confirmation, membership confirmation, account activation, etc.

A welcome email is commonly your first chance to interact with the people, so take this chance to tell them of the profits they will get as a subscriber. Additionally, it is helpful to furnish information on the recurrence of interactions to deal with the audience’s desires.

2. Transactional Emails

Cases: Order confirmation e-mail, email to inform about order delivery, payment confirmation email, etc.

Basic transactional messages in e-commerce are very helpful, and usually needed by the client. This message information that is customized to them dependent upon their buy activities, for example, an order confirmation or email receipt.

3. Up Selling and Cross Selling

Cases: Details on extra accessories, educational info or guide about the product brought, etc.

When an order has been dispatched, usually a transactional email is sent to the client instantly after delivering a confirmation email. This is a perfect chance to up sell or cross sell by advertising a related item or service. This might as well just go about as a supplement of the item details, although, to maintain stability avoid to too sales focused emails.

4. Shopping Cart Retraction

Around 60% of individuals will back down their shopping cart on your website, so sending a friendly reminder email notifying them, they have missed something to purchase might be a good approach to get them again to your check-out page to finish their order. It is found that by triggering email you could get return around 20% of the revenue that you might have generally lost by not doing this.

This will work only for the clients you have already information for, and careful testing is obliged to make the consolidation of timing, substance and item offers, so the customer does not feel excessively monitored.

5. Special Occasion

Cases: Customer birthday, holiday occasion, particular event, etc.

If you have your customer’s date of birth, or other individual date-driven data, utilize the chance to trigger an email dependent on this information, and focus on your promoting through what you know is going on in a client’s life.

In triggered email marketing campaigns, timing is a key to victory, and consistent testing is fundamental to secure out what works for you keeping in mind the end goal to generate more leads, keep up a great level of customer assumption, and build a sound association with your customers.


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