Why You Should Verify Your Mailing List Addresses?

Email VerificationA latest research has shown that around 32% of mailing addresses change every year. By constantly sending emails to these out-dated addresses, you build the danger of being marked as a spammer or getting blocked or closed by your main email service provider.

With the aim of minimizing this danger, you can use email list management software for the verification your mailing list containing inactive and invalid email addresses. By evacuating copies, fake addresses, spam traps, bots, and hard-bounces from an e-mail database, you might be guaranteed that you are continually mailing to active and valid email list.

What are the advantages of verifying email list addresses?

  1. Maximize Email Deliverability – Possibly the greatest factor that influences the result of your mailing campaign is the deliverability of your messages to your intended group of people. E-mail verification plays a very crucial part in minimizing the quantity of bounced e-mails and sending failures. With the use of quality email software you can easily remove all hard-bounces and can get up to a 96% of accuracy in your contact list.
  1. Maintain Your Sender Reputation – Most of all internet service providers are now increasing their endeavors to dispose of spam and avoid unsolicited mails to drop into the inbox, and your mails are prone to get discarded by spam channels if you are continuously mailing to outdated, invalid addresses. E-mail verification is an exceptional method to build and maintain your sender-reputation and abstain from being blocked by Internet Service Providers.
  1. Save Your Investment, Time, and Resources – Why pay for e-mails that aren’t being conveyed? Separated from the money saving by eliminating inactive e-mail addresses from your email contact list, you would save your resource and time that could be better used on different parts of business development. With having an email verification tool, you are now able to process a large number of email data in very less amount of time and valid your mailing list containing fresh and active contacts only.

Apart from the other email verification services, our email verification tool validates each and every address contained in your email list to figure out whether or not it can receive e-mail. If you use our services, then we will provide you a complete solution form your mailing list management to email campaign execution. We are able to validate emails of all major email service providers without being blocked. Furthermore, we are continuously giving efforts to enhance our service and provide the most efficient list management tool accessible for those engaged with email marketing.


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